Becoming Leaders Together

The Native Youth Empowerment Committee (NYEC) is a leadership youth group for Native students at Voyageurs Expeditionary School. Native youth are THE FUTURE of our people, culture and communities. Native youth under the age of 25 make up almost HALF of the Native population in the country, this means that we have many leaders coming up, you all included. 

My hope for this VES committee is that is gives you all the safe space to discuss your needs, hopes and dreams for your futures in these times of uncertainty. This committee will meet regularly to discuss ideas for events, fundraisers, community engagement and more! There will be opportunities for travel, language/cultural engagement, professional growth and creativity. Please answer each question to the best of your ability. 
*It is important to me that this group is committed to themselves, their future and that includes their education. I don't expect anyone to have perfect grades or attendance. But I do expect you to go to class and TRY! You will not be considered for NYEC if you do not attend your classes regularly.*